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five generations

1830 1st Generation

Avraham, a young boy from Odessa, emigrating to Austria and studies the thousand-year-old secrets of winemaking. He decides to come to Israel and completes a treacherous Journey at the end of which he established the Teperberg Winery - the first family winery established in the Land of Israel in modern times.

יין אדום יבש - דור ראשון

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  • Postcards of correspondence with the Germans
    Postcards of correspondence with the Germans
  • Business correspondence, Avraham Teperberg
    Business correspondence, Avraham Teperberg
  • buying agreement for the old city property
    buying agreement for the old city property
לחץ למעבר לדור/שנה הבאה

1870 2nd Generation

Avraham's son - Ze'ev Zeid, who was also in love with wine making, was finally privileged to formally establish the winery bearing the family name - Teperberg. The winery, built within the walls of Jerusalem, was the expression of Jewish revival in the Land of Israel and grew to become a strong and prosperous winery, despite the many difficulties that characterized the period.

קברנה סוביניון - יין אדום יבש 2013 דור שני

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  • Zeev Teperberg´s trade document
    Zeev Teperberg´s trade document
  • Turkish banknotes
    Turkish banknotes
  • Zeev Teperberg´s business card
    Zeev Teperberg´s business card
לחץ למעבר לדור/שנה הבאה

1905 3rd Generation

Mordechai Shimon Teperberg, son of Ze'ev, took the winery's management reins. This period of difficulties and pogroms did not pass over the winery, which was the aim of repeated attacks, yet it was assisted by the Austrian Consulate, which sponsored its Jewish citizens in the Land of Israel. The winery began to bloom. It was also chosen as the official Supplier of wine and alcohol to the Austrian army in Palestine. In 1925 the winery moved from the Old City to Romema and ascended to new heights.

יין אדום דור שלישי

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  • Mordechai Shimon Teperberg
    Mordechai Shimon Teperberg
  • Mordechai Shimon Teperberg_
    Mordechai Shimon Teperberg
  • The Teperberg winery. Romema, Jerusalem 1925
    The Teperberg winery. Romema, Jerusalem 1925
לחץ למעבר לדור/שנה הבאה

1945 4th Generation

The brothers Yitzhak and Menachem are privileged to run the family winery, which - upon the establishment of the State - returns to the Old City of Jerusalem. In those years, the winery had already established its name as producer of fine wine in Israel. Upon the death of Yitzhak in 1960 Menachem became the winery's manager. The winery continued to improve and demand increased. Therefore, the winery once again moved to a larger locationin the Motza area near Jerusalem.

יין אדום יבש 2014

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  • Menachem Teperberg in the old winery
    Menachem Teperberg in the old winery
  • Menachem Teperberg's transit permit from the time of the British Mandate
    Menachem Teperberg
  • Receipt for payment by Menachem Tepperberg
    Receipt for payment by Menachem Tepperberg
לחץ למעבר לדור/שנה הבאה

1984 5th Generation

Motti Teperberg, son of Avraham's great-grandson, who used to step on the grapes at the winery in Machaneh Yehuda, took the management reigns and sharpened the art of winemaking, creating a personalized touch and improving the winery's fermentation process. In 2006 the winery moved to its new premises opposite Kibbutz Tzora in the Judenean hills near Jerusalem. The winery now corresponds with the vision that guided the Teperberg family forever- maintaining the ancient winemaking tradition, while constantly improving and creating a clear signature based on firm roots. Five generations passed down from father to son, observantly preserving a family tradition.

יין אדום יבש - דור חמישי

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  • Moti Teperberg
    Moti Teperberg
  • Our Barrel Room
    Our Barrel Room
  • The winery today
    The winery today
לחץ למעבר לדור/שנה הבאה
לחץ למעבר לדור