Providence is the flagship wine of the winery. This wine has a deep color, aromas of black fruit fused with notes of red fruits, hints of dark chocolate and tobacco wrapped together with elegant oak. This wine fills the palate with a full body, structured yet soft tannins and a long round finish.

Wine Details

2016, 52% Cabernet Sauvignon 42% Petit Verdot 6% Syrah, harvested mechanically at night, The grapes for this blend were harvested from high quality vineyards in Dishon and Kedesh Valley in the Upper Galilee. The vineyards were planted on deep Terra Rosa soils at altitudes between 400-460 meters above sea level with North-South facing rows. The soils have a natural tendency for decent water holding capacity. Therefore, choosing the proper roots stock as well as strict irrigation management are critical for restricting vigor and growing a well-balanced vine. The vineyards are meticulously pruned in the winter as well as early-growth shoot thinning to balance the vines thereby eliminating the need to drop fruit later in the season. The vineyard work is also focused to grow small sized grape berries to enhance the concentration and body of the wine. These vineyards each have significant temperature differences between moderate day and cool night temperatures thereby producing fruit with increased fresh fruit flavors and aromas.

Wine production process

Each vineyard was harvested at optimal ripeness per block and variety.
Upon receiving the grapes at the winery in the early morning hours, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes were gently crushed and passed through our temperature exchange unit to lower the temperatures down to 12 degrees Celsius. This temperature was held for 3 days for the sake of cold maceration prior to the onset of alcoholic fermentation. Cold soaking of the grapes allows for "water-medium" extraction of phenolic compounds as well as a moderate onset to the alcoholic fermentation. The Petit Verdot grapes were directly received in the fermentation tank after gentle crushing.
The wines fermented at 25°C with varying pump-over regimens for ideal production of flavor and aromas as well as optimal extraction of color and tannin structure. Upon completion of the alcoholic fermentation the wines continued contact with their skins for an extended maceration of 5 days thereby allowing continued extraction and softening of the extracted phenolics.
After completing the extended maceration, the grapes were gently and slowly pressed at very low pressures for only the highest quality press cuts. At this point, malolactic fermentation was naturally carried out in order to stabilize and soften the wine.
Upon completion of the malolactic fermentation, the wine aged for 18 months in new French oak barrels. Throughout the aging period the barrels were tasted and subsequently the blend was formed from the select barrels that would create the highest quality and harmonious blend. The wine was then bottled and continued to mature in the winery’s cellar prior to its market release.

Harvest Details

  • Brix: 26.1
  • Acidity (g/L): 5.6
  • pH: 3.72

Analysis Details

  • Sugar (g/L): Dry
  • Alcohol (%): 14.6
  • Acidity (g/L): 6.1
  • pH: 3.78
  • Ready to Drink: from day of release but further maturation is recommended
  • Serving Suggestions: Enjoy at 18℃ with a prime beef cut with a concentrated au jus a or rich blue cheeses.