A floral, subtly-sweet white wine with distinctive aromas of rose water and tropical fruit. It has a soft, enveloping body that combines sweetness and acidity with a youthful spirit.

Wine Details

100% Gewürztraminer, 2017, Adulam and Mitzpe Ramon, Mechanical harvest during the late evening hours, On release to the market.

Wine production process

The grapes arrived at the winery in the morning hours. The mechanical harvest during the late nights hours, allowed the grapes to be processed while still cool from the chilly evenings. The clusters were immediately and gently pressed to receive the highest quality must.
After chilling the must and approximately 24 hours of settling in tank, the cleared must was decanted to another chilled stainless-steel tank to begin the alcoholic fermentation. The alcoholic fermentation was carried out for four weeks at a temperature of 12℃ in order to preserve the varietal characteristics of the fruit.
Prior to the depletion of all the natural sugars from the grapes the wine is chilled to 0℃ in order to halt the fermentation and preserve a balanced 1.5% residual sweetness. The wine did not undergo Malolactic fermentation in order to preserve natural acidity and maintain a crisp expression

Harvest Details

  • Brix: 25.4
  • Acidity (g/L): 5.1
  • pH: 3.75

Analysis Details

  • Sugar (g/L): 14
  • Alcohol (%): 12.8
  • Acidity (g/L): 6.7
  • pH: 3.3