Cabernet Sauvignon – Semi-Dry Impression

Dark red wine, with a scent of dried fruit. Smooth and velvety texture and sweet finish full of fruit.

Wine Details

100% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2020, Shfelat Yehuda , Mechanical harvest in the early morning, On release to the market

Wine production process

Following a mechanical harvest, the grapes arrived at the winery in the early hours of the morning. The clusters were destemmed and lightly crushed at which point they were transferred to a stainless-steel vat for alcoholic fermentation. The fermentation temperature was maintained at 28℃ for approximately seven days. Throughout the fermentation period pump-overs were performed at various rates in order to enhance ideal color, flavors and tannin extractions true to the variety. Upon completion of alcoholic fermentation, the grapes were gently pressed in a pneumatic press to another stainless-steel tank where the wine carried out malolactic fermentation. This secondary fermentation contributes stability and a softening to the wine.
After malolactic fermentation was complete, a small concentration of grape sugar was added to the wine in order to contribute a delicate sweetness. The wine was aged for six months in French and American oak barrels.

Harvest Details

  • Brix: 24.2
  • Acidity (g/L): 5.5
  • pH: 3.6

Analysis Details

  • Sugar (g/L): 13
  • Alcohol (%): 12.7
  • Acidity (g/L): 5.9
  • pH: 3.65