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Our Winemakers

  • שיקי ראוכברגר

    Shlomo (Shiki) Rauchberger

    chief winemaker at Teperberg Winery since 2002

    Shiki is considered one of Israel’s most respected and recognized winemakers, winning the title of “Best Israeli Winemaker of 2009”. He completed his

    undergraduate and graduate studies in agriculture, specializing in vine growing, at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His winemaking education came from graduate studies at UC Davis, California. Along with his studies, he gained practical experience working at the San-Martin winery alongside international winemaker Peter Stern. Prior to joining Teperberg, he served for nine

    years as head winemaker at Carmel wineries and even specialized at additional wineries in Chile and Australia. Shiki believes that the more we learn adopt human qualities from vines – respectful, friendly, modest in demands, connecting people – wine will fulfill its mission not only as asensory pleasure but also with a worldview and a more connectedand esteemed society.

    שיקי ראוכברגר
  • אוליבייה פרתי יינן ביקב טפרברג

    Olivier Fratty

    Winemaker at the Teperberg Winery since 2006

    Olivier was born in France and at a young age immigrated to Israel with his parents. Everyone thought he would grow up to be a pharmacist, but when he became

    acquainted with the world of wine, during his work as a sommelier aft er his military service, he realized that he had met his calling.

    He has a BA in Plant Sciences (school of plantations) from the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot, and an MA in

    Winemaking from the University of Bordeaux, France.

    During his studies in France, he worked at several wineries in the Bordeaux region of Pessac-Leognan and Saint-Emillion and gained in-depth knowledge of “Old World” work methods. His research work was conducted at Château Smith Haut Lafitte on the subject: “Flavor and color components in

    the production of red wine in barrels”.

    During his work at Teperberg Winery, he participated in the creation and winning of 12 gold medals and over 20 silver and bronze medals in various wine competitions in Israel and abroad. Olivier believes that the most important qualities for winemaking are courage and creativity, and heloves the mutual respect that characterizes the Israeli wine industry.

    אוליבייה פרתי יינן ביקב טפרברג
  • דניאל פרידנברג

    Daniel Friedenberg

    winemaker at Teperberg winery since 2016

    Daniel was born in the US and immigrated to Israel in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, which led him to continue his medical studies. Upon arrival in Israel he felt a deep connection with the innovative and generous

    agriculture in Israel, especially with the beauty of the vineyards. These feelings led him to graduate studies in plant sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot where he investigated the effect of the quantity of grapes on the uniformity and structure of the cluster. After graduation he understood the complexity of growing grapes and the ability to influence wine production in the winery as well. After two years working at Israeli wineries, he continued to study for a master’s degree in winemaking from Cornell University in the US, where he worked in a sensory laboratory that explored taste and smell and studied the philosophy of producing white wine in cool areas. Danny joined the team of winemakers at Teperberg Winery in the summer of 2016. His passion is to create wine by combining the traditional art with today’s innovations.

    דניאל פרידנברג