White Moscato

The white Moscato is characterized by a light yellowish-greenish color, it is slightly sparkling, aromatic and sweet, fun and stylish.

Wine Details

100% Muscat of Alexandria, 2017, Shfelat Yehuda Vineyard, Mechanical, in the early morning, On release to the market.

Wine production process

The grapes arrived at the winery in the early morning after being mechanically harvested. They are immediately gently pressed and quickly transferred to an insulated, chilled stainless steel tank. The white must is cooled to a temperature of 0°C in order to prevent fermentation and ensure that sedimentation takes place. The must spends about 36 hours in a stainless steel tank, until the sediment sinks to the bottom, and is then filtered. When the juice is clear and clean, it is transferred to a different stainless steel tank, where it undergoes a second cooling to 0°C to prevent fermentation.
Three weeks before the Moscato is bottled, a controlled fermentation process begins in a pressurized tank. The temperature of the juice is raised, and it is transferred to the tank to ferment. The pressurized tank preserves the natural gas produced by the process, preventing it being lost to the atmosphere.
Fermenting the juice takes six days at a temperature of 16°C in order to reach the required level of alcohol and sweetness.
The natural fermentation is stopped by cooling the wine to 0°C, thereby maintaining the sweetness and natural bubbles.

Harvest Details

  • Brix: 20.1
  • Acidity (g/L): 4.4
  • pH: 3.85

Analysis Details

  • Sugar (g/L): 102
  • Acidity (g/L): 6.8
  • pH: 3.15
  • Alcohol (%): 5.4