Cabernet Franc

 This wine has pleasant and attractive green .touch, characteristic of the variety, which blends into a sweet fruit fragrance and is wrapped in the comfort of the wood. Its velvety texture and its presence leaves itstttttT mark long after drinking

Wine Details

100% Cabernet Franc, 2014, The Cabernet Franc grapes were harvested from a vineyard located at the top of the Ephraim Hills, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level and characterized by a mountainous climate, a moderate vigor and significant differences between average day and chilly night temperatures. Together these characteristics contribute to this site’s ability to experience a balanced growth and ripening that is reflected in the intricacy of this Cabernet Franc’s flavors and aromas., harvested mechanically, from day of release but further maturation is recommended

Wine production process

The Cabernet Franc grapes were carefully harvested mechanically at night and arrived at the winery in the early morning. Following a gentle crush, the grapes were transferred into a chilled stainless-steel tank for a day of cold soaking before the onset of the alcoholic fermentation. Upon completion of the cold soaking the alcoholic fermentation process began and was maintained at a temperature of 28°C. Throughout the fermentation different pump-over regimes are employed for optimal extraction of color, flavor, aroma and tannins.
Following the alcoholic fermentation, the wine was in contact with its skins for a three-day extended maceration. Upon completion of the extended maceration, the grapes were gently pressed, at low pressure into a stainless-steel tank. At this point, malolactic fermentation was naturally carried out in order to stabilize and soften the wine.
Upon completion of the malolactic fermentation the 18-months-long maturation process began in
New French oak barrels. The wine was then bottled and continued to mature for another
10 months in the winery’s cellar prior to its market release.

Harvest Details

  • Brix: 24.6
  • Acidity (g/L): 5.6
  • pH: 3.57

Analysis Details

  • Sugar (g/L): Dry
  • Alcohol (%): 13.9
  • Acidity (g/L): 6
  • pH: 3.66