Teperberg’s finest series, made from our finest grapes

  • Petit Verdot

    ThE wine stands out in deep, dark and mysterious color, its fragrance rich in fruit aroma. Its texture is almost chewy and its taste lingers long after the sip.

    Wine Details

    • Composition: 100% Petit Verdot
    • Vintage Year: 2014
    • Origin: The Petit Verdot LEGACY grapes were harvested from three unique vineyards. The first site in the Ayalon Valley, is located on chalky soil and has slow ripening and balanced vigor. This vineyard is characterized by a cool climate due to its location in the valley exposure to steady airflow. Meticulous vineyard care including the development of a balanced canopy to manipulate light penetration as well as cluster thinning, supports the growth of highly concentrated flavors and aromas. The vines in the second vineyard site of Carmei Yosef are grafted on a root stock that restricts overly vigorous growth and is also exposed to a beneficial microclimate. Lastly the third site is located in Mitzpei Ramon exposed to increasingly desert-like climate at its elevated altitude. The site is characterized by significant differences between the daytime temperatures and the chilly night temperatures, which directly contributes to the grape’s high quality.
    יין אדום יבש 2014
  • Petit Sirah LEGACY

       Characterized by aromatic balance, between black and ripe fruits, with a little coffee, tobacco, caramel, and rich oak. Its taste is soft, appealing, long and caressing, and its texture is rich, harmonious and majestic.

    Wine Details

    • Composition: 100% Petite Sirah
    • Vintage Year: 2014
    • Origin: The Petit Sirah grapes were harvested from a vineyard in the Ayalon Valley, characterized by microclimate conditions due to its special location. A strict growth regime on an open landscape enables penetration of light, while at the same time diluting clusters achieved an excellent grape harvest with a high concentration of flavors and aromas. The area enjoys a significant difference between average daily temperatures and cool night temperatures, which also contributes to the quality of the grapes.
    פטיט סירה - יין אדום יבש
  • Cabernet Franc

     This wine has pleasant and attractive green .touch, characteristic of the variety, which blends into a sweet fruit fragrance and is wrapped in the comfort of the wood. Its velvety texture and its presence leaves itstttttT mark long after drinking

    Wine Details

    • Composition: 100% Cabernet Franc
    • Vintage Year: 2014
    • Origin: The Cabernet Franc grapes were harvested from a vineyard located at the top of the Ephraim Hills, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level and characterized by a mountainous climate, a moderate vigor and significant differences between average day and chilly night temperatures. Together these characteristics contribute to this site’s ability to experience a balanced growth and ripening that is reflected in the intricacy of this Cabernet Franc’s flavors and aromas.
    קברנה פרנק יין אדום יבש